Fr. John Kelmy OSB

Catholic Priest

Rev. Fr. John Kelmy (Rodriquez) was born and raised in East Harlem/ Spanish Harlem, New York. He has seen the short-term and long-term effects of poverty, social disadvantage, domestic violence, gang activity, drug dependency, illiteracy, and bullying in many communities.

Fr. John Kelmy has endured and triumphed ...

Author & Trauma Chaplain

Rev. Fr. John Kelmy is an Ordained Old Catholic Priest, a Benedictine, and is the Fellowship Corner's founder. This Christian-based organization strives to bring the Church of Christ to the homes of Christians who cannot attend a traditional church setting due to disabilities & geriatric status.

Fr. John Kelmy ...


Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care


30 minutes or over. I provide all religious sacraments.

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Religious Counseling

 30 mins. or over. I offer religious counseling for everyone.

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Hospital Visits

Duration Varies. I do the best I can to provide the best service and experience.

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