Fr. John Kelmy OSB

Catholic Priest

Rev. Fr. John Kelmy (Rodriquez) was born and raised in East Harlem/ Spanish Harlem, New York. He has seen the short-term and long-term effects of poverty, social disadvantage, domestic violence, gang activity, drug dependency, illiteracy, and bullying in many communities.

Fr. John Kelmy has endured and triumphed over years of personal hardships and tribulations such as addiction, social deviance, sexual abuse, and the murders of his mother, fiancé, and daughter from gun violence.

For years he found himself continually struggling with addiction and mental illness, resulting in suicidal tendencies until he was inspired to break the chains with divine intervention. He became an example of striving to be better for God, ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Fear is the archenemy of faith! We are only as powerful as our faith and prayers! — Fr. John Kelmy OSB

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